Takana Damashii Witzbold
Age: 17
Birthday: September 13
Sign: Virgo
Favorite Movie: Un Chien Andalou
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Hobby: Tae Kwan Do; Chess
Likes: Seclusion; Cats; Studying; Trampolines
Dislikes: Loud People; Stupid People; Annoying People
Music: Elevator Music
Notes: Damashii was raised in wealth, with daddy being a CEO, and his mother being dull. I suspect suspicious "activities" when the parents aren't home, however. He also has a babysitter, whose features are pretty average but I guess if you're desperate...
When no one is watching, he also partakes in underage drinking. Lightweight (wine), but boozing up nonetheless.

Kain Griffin
Age: 18
Birthday: November 13
Sign: Scorpio
Favorite Movie: Saw
Favorite Food: Strawberries
Hobby: Football
Likes: Movies; Video Games; Dark
Dislikes: Bright Places; Airhead women; Sour food
Music: Soft Rock
Notes: I'd hit it. If there were a more popular high school wet dream, I'd like to have him pointed out to me for study. He lives with his mother while his sister lives with their father, but generally he sees little of his family. I find his solitude to be convinient when trying to catch him alone.

Age: Young and sexy.
Birthday: I wear that suit daily.
Sign: I fathered all Scorpios.
Favorite Movie: Anything in the section behind the black curtains.
Favorite Food: Meat
Hobby: Sunbathing; Psychology
Likes: Ranting; Being Right; Knowledge; My nephew
Dislikes: My nephew
Music: Rock; Trance
Notes: I am a sexy bitch.


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